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Beautiful designs, Modern architecture 
Beautiful designs, modern architecture 
Our Services
We offer modern new homes to 1st-time buyers, 2nd-time buyers, VA approved customers, lot owners who need a builder and for those who need a ready to move in home.
  1. Full Service
    If you have a lot and don't want to go through all the time and effort of selections. Let us take care of all the details in our well planned pre-selected color scheme and home plans. Choose from our selection.
  2. Realtors
    Do you need help with location? We have a network of realtors who assist us in finding the right lot to best serve your wants and needs. Send us an e-mail.
  3. Financing
    Are you looking to build, but don't have financing? We work with 5 Banks, who offer both construction and Permanent Financing. Let us know and we can refer you.
  4. VA Approved
    Do you need us to build your home and close with your VA approved loan? We offer this service with a small good faith deposit. This offer would require to choose from one of our satisfaction proven floor plans.
  5. Custom Kitchen
    We build our kitchens in our controlled environment warehouse. We then inspect that all material, paint, and mechanisms are working to perfection before shipping and installing.
  6. Custom Doors
    We offer custom doors, built in house and to your preference. Because we build them in house our cost to build is less and you get more for your money.
  7. Landscaping
    Our pre-selected plans come with a complete landscape in front of your home to give it the fresh curve appeal look and alleviates the work you would inherit as a new home buyer.
  8. Energy Efficiency
    With our pre-selected floor plans we offer a Radiant Barrier Roof Sheeting through-out our homes that reduce the over all heat energy by 30%. A pleasant sound to your electric bill each month. For more info go to:
  9. Alternative Pricing
    Not sure which route to take, Our Cost To Build option may be the right fit for you. We offer a cost of construction plus % of the total bill. At the end of the construction the credits can be utilized for extra perks. During construction if you add items not budgeted then the cost would increase accordingly. Email or call for more details.
Radiant Barrior Sheeting